Reflective thoughts in 2014

It's been a number of years since I posted to this blog, and it has been a wonderful adventure since that last post in 2010. We're on our 2nd month into this new year 2014, and life is getting much better, overall. Very exciting to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of the year. I don't know whether I will ever continue posting here after this one reflective post...I think it's sometimes good to reflect and review what happened in the past as I go over each post.

During the last couple years, I went to Haiti on a 7-day mission trip and after that I led a very small group to a 13-day mission trip in the Philippines. Both were challenging and rewarding and taught me different things. For one, it challenged my patience. No, it expanded my sense of patience. It made me realize that I'm still in process, that sanctification process as people say. BUT, I'm further along in that process and it's very good to know that I have been transformed.

One disappointing thing, I may just be hard on myself. I expected my sense of faith now, although strong at times, would be much larger and much deeper. I've grown in a lot of ways, and my faith walk has grown, but it isn't where I want it. It is something that I'm working on, as well as other Christians. Maybe it's something I should express through this blog. What do you think?

[I don't expect anyone to answer since I probably lost my few followers over the years. LOL!]

We'll see what comes next. Like I said earlier, 2014 is becoming a great year. I have hope and expectation for greater things to happen.

I leave you with a favorite Old Testament verse - Jeremiah 29:11


Return of the Traveler

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to say that I'm really (really) doing okay, and I'm celebrating over 2 1/2 years of sobreity. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and kindness to keep me 'above water'.

Someday, maybe even very soon, I will come back to blogging on a regular basis. We'll see how that works out.

God bless each one of you and thanks for your encouragement, comments, and replies!

Signed, the Believing Traveler


A milestone of sorts

Last month, I celebrated just over a year of sobriety! Oh, yes!


facebook, schmacebook

Okay, after several e-mail requests and pleadings from friends, I have now added a Facebook profile. So there. It isn't the first time I created a profile, but I lost my password and I created a *sorta* pseudonym.

I don't plan to post much. I'll lurk around.


More changes for the new year

Well, after much thought and time I have decided to keep this blog, at least for a little while longer.

With that decision, I felt some changes needed to occur. So, I have changed the blog title from "More Musings of a Meandering Believer" to "Tales of the Traveling Believer" to pattern from my lifestyle changes brought up during the last year and a half and in regards to my relationships and life direction.

Since starting this blog, I felt that my walk with God and my personal growth have grown by leaps and bounds. There have been plenty of mistakes and regret, but there have been periods of great joy. From these life events, I have grown stronger. In the future, I expect (and hope) that my walk and personal growth will expand.



Never say never

As you can already tell, it has been several months since I wrote the last blog entry. There were several times when I wanted to write a post, but it got to feel monotonous and tiresome when I looked at the blank screen in front of me. I did not have the energy to pour out. Funny thing, several times I started to write a post but never finished. I don't even know that I want to release to the public. Maybe someday... So much has occurred.

So much history has happened --- A new president, an African-American president-elect. Financial crises which has affected so many, including me. So many significant personal life events and other changes. Such as a new job at a new location.

I've got to thank God for the wonderful things that He has done for me during this time. He has been ever faithful. One thing that I have clearly learned: thankfulness. Saying that, I want thank you, my faithful readers for sending kind notes, thoughts and prayers, and e-mails. I hope you have been well. I have been working on myself since my time away from this blog. Even before, during late 2007 and early 2008, the old demons that I refuse to leave buried years ago were brought up new. And, I'm not just talking about the basic up and downs of general life.

It had taken much prayer, support from friends and family, yet another recovery program, and the mercy of God to help me get to this point, but I have good news to report. I am doing and feeling much better. So much better. The healing started by releasing the unforgiveness in my heart for those in the church that wronged me.

Since my recovery has been going well for these last months, the thought about deleting this blog has been rolling around in my head and starting a new one on a different site. Besides this one, I have additional blogs, microblogs, etc that I write for. Since 2009 has started, I feel a new start. Who knows? I may continue with this blog or start another one.

Let's see what God has in store for me. It's safe to say that I'm excited where He is taking me. And a belated Happy 2009 to you.


A is for addiction

Addiction is a difficult behavior to deal with. Addiction recovery is a difficult process to go through.

There, I said it.

People would think that addiction, any type of addiction, would only hurt or affect the individual. Not true. It also affects those people in that person's life. Whether it is family, friends, loved ones, or work mates, people can tell there is a change in behaviors and moods. I didn't realize it until now.

So, even with the difficulties surrounding what I call the Big "A", I am moving forward and charging along. My life goes on.

On another note, I have the nervous jitters. Artomatic 2008 opens up tomorrow afternoon @ 12 to the public. Last night, I finally completed hanging up my photos and cleaning the exhibit space. I was so relieved that it was done; I called "C" about feeling relieved.

Right about now, I'm feeling my stomach aching and it just started 20 minutes ago. In my head, I know that everything is going to be okay.


God is in the details

So, the images for the Arlington Public Library - Central Campus "Social Justice" Art showcase are on display finally. I have been playing phone tag with the coordinator overseeing the showcase.

Also, I am still finishing up the display for the Artomatic exhibit. So far, it looks great. I went with the "Soft Denim" color (blueish gray) and a semi-gloss black paint in the middle of the wall. Thank God for Cyndy and Karen for their help. They assisted in the conceptualization, direction, and painting of the wall space.

I need to finish up with a few brush strokes to cover any gaps or holes. Then, I will be signing and picking up images today and this upcoming week. So many more details to go...Did I tell you that I'm getting a bit tired. It may be the weather adjustment to warmer temperatures, but I will *more than* survive.

Have a blessed week and I hope that you are enjoying the warm weather.